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Our Technology

Clean. Autonomous. Flexible.


Reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals in farming, eliminate pollution in utility workloads


Outdoor, cooperating utility robots, solar charged, 24/7 duty cycle


Compact, portable, responsive software stack, operating 24/7

What We Do
Our Products

Consumer Outdoor Utility Robots

Security through autonomous patrol with deep learning supported motion detection; Weeding; follow-me and go-to transport

Agricultural Cooperative Robots

Weed and pest suppression; seeding; standard hitch for farming implements

Planning and Visualization Software

Available through each robot, or through secure, highly available cloud nodes

Our Mission

We are removing pollution and the use of poisonous chemicals from outdoor tasks, while reducing the need for tedious labor.

Our affordable, multi-purpose and cooperative autonomous machines can operate anywhere from back yards, to large open spaces.

Meet The Humans
Directed Machines Team

Background info on the folks enjoying rescuing robots from the mud

Telemetry packets/cloud cluster/day


Sensor readings/robot/sec


Cloud nodes per availability zone


Deployed prototypes


5HP 4WD Ground Utility Prototype H2

2.7HP 4WD Laser Weeding Prototype B

12HP 6WD Ground Utility Prototype A in Snow

Meet The Bots

A selection of photos from our prototypes and software interface.

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