Who is this for?

The Land Care Robot was designed for rural property owners and small acreage farmers who use ATVs, lawn tractors, sub-compact and compact tractors to get work done. Since it can do work day or night, unsupervised, it can help free up time and reduce hard manual work. A robot can mow up to 3 acres on a single charge (more if using an electrified deck). The robot recharges within 2 hours from the grid, or within 3 days from the sun (April to September). In addition to mowing, it can use a variety of implements/attachments to groom, trim, haul and perform road maintenance. We have also tested it to manage snow (testing to continue this winter).

LCR Autonomous Solar Electric Tractor with Rotary Mower
LCR User Interface

Should I care that its solar charged?

Eliminating fuel logistics, being independent of centralized infrastructure and doing work with energy generated where its used and reduces operational cost. It also leads to quieter operation and more time to do work instead of refueling or driving back to a charging station.

Estimate Range, Work Area, Runtime

Is it difficult to operate?

You can walk up to the robot, connect your smart phone to its WiFi, and within one minute have it mow an area you define on a satellite map, or grade a road on your property. You can monitor the robot from your home (or from anywhere with an internet connection), and configure tasks at any time.

You can operate the robot manually using touch gestures on your mobile phone screen: its fun!.

Does it work when I am not around?

Yes, the robot can be scheduled to independently do work in a pre-defined area, and it will stop on its own when the work is done or there is a safety issue. You (or anyone you authorize) can track its progress in real-time, from anywhere.

Will it save me money?

Time is money and the Land Care Robot significantly reduces labor costs. The Land Care robot does not use fuel, leading to additional savings.

What happens if something breaks?

We designed the robot so it can be repaired in the field. If a component breaks or malfunctions, order a replacement, , install it yourself or with our help. Most on the robot's components are off-the-shelf, and we can make the chassis and reduction plate drawings available for to you, if they want to machine / make them locally. The robot's electronics brain is the widely available Raspberry PI. Its sensors are easily sourced from multiple online vendors.

LCR Autonomous Solar Electric Tractor with Box Grader
LCR Autonomous Solar Electric Tractor in Pickup Truck

What about warranty?

We will replace any part, free of charge, within one year of purchase or 200 hours of use, whichever comes first.